X Equinox Spintowel


Welcome to the No Drip Zone! Made with soft, absorbent terry cloth and designed to give you a firm grip on the handlebars and protect your flywheel from sweat; Spintowel is your first pick accessory in keeping your spinning game on top! The two-piece towel set gives you a plush handlebar cover that provides a barrier between your hands and the handlebars (See ya’ later, sweaty germs!) and a wiping towel that attaches to your bike by an elastic loop, ready when needed and never falling out of reach!


  • 100% plush Terry cotton
  • Durable poly-tricot binding to ensure durability
  • Easy care - toss in a regular wash and dry cycle
  • Great for in-home or studio use!
  • Safeguarded by EQXTEQ Gold Infused Fabric Technology by Equinox, a safe, sustainable, non-toxic application that permanently adheres to fabric - odor control, cooling, antimicrobial, UVA/UVB, quick drying, eco-friendly & chemical-free
  • Country of Origin: China

Once an order for this product has been placed, it will typically will be fulfilled and ready to ship within 2-3 business days. Returns are accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase if purchased from a The Shop at Equinox location, or from the date an online order is delivered.


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